Martha’s Pizza 2 has been creating delicious food and scrumptious pizza since 1995.

You can now order online for Take out or Delivery in Truro! Whether it be donairs, pizza, pasta, or any of the food from our delicious menu, Martha’s Pizza 2 will deliver to your front door anywhere in the Truro Area. 

What makes Martha’s Pizza 2 special? Hand tossed dough and generous amounts of fresh toppings makes Martha’s the number 1 pizza place in the Truro Area.

If you haven’t tried us yet, stop by  and you will understand why people love Martha’s Pizza! Or call us for all day delivery and we’ll bring it to you!


Martha’s Pizza 2 in Truro Now Offers Online Ordering! Finally, an alternative solution to online food ordering! Not just Pizza, too. choose from our wide selection of Donair, Pasta, and Sandwiches from our Truro Location.

A $3.00 Delivery Charge Applies within 6 km radius of our location, and orders from outside our service area may incur an additional Delivery Charge. Minimum Order Amount for Delivery is $10. 


When you see that dough flipping and spinning in the air, it’s not only fun to watch, but it also makes your appetite roar.  Not all chefs hand toss pizza dough but all pizza lovers should know that hand tossing pizza is not just for your entertainment!  Our Chef’s at Martha’s Pizza 2 are experts at hand tossed pizza in Truro. It’s not just a tradition that we cherish, it our key ingredient to ensuring that every pizza has the precise amount of moisture with equally proportioned, lightly crisped crust. It’s a tricky task to get the dough spinning at the perfect height and balance without putting holes in it but, it’s this extra effort that has made Martha’s Pizza 2 the number one choice in Truro.

HOW DO WE DO IT? Well think of it as twirling a really soft frisbee or balancing a spinning basketball on your fingertip. Then, there’s the “toss”, it’s not so much about the height, what’s important is the catch and twirl. When the dough is pressed or rolled with a rolling pin, it makes the dough dry and that’s when you have the kind of crust that could literally crack.  Our chefs have mastered the the technique and truly believe that keeping the tradition is a valuable part of the job in delivery quality perfectly hand tossed pizza that is always handmade with care.


If you haven’t tried it yet, you can try a wide selection of hand tossed Pizzas with generous amounts of fresh toppings at Martha’s Pizza 2. And If you’re feeling tossed between toppings, you can try one of Martha’s Specials and get 2 pizzas in Small, Medium, or Large sizes with 6 toppings on each. You can also make your own pizza and choose from our selection of classic or specialty toppings.  Since our crust is so carefully crafted, we don’t think it’ll be the kind of crust you’d want to leave behind on your plate, so we also offer an option for crust that is lightly dusted with a tasty garlic flavour. You can add this option to any pizza order, it definitely is a popular choice you have to try!

We’ve also added a gourmet twist to our traditional pizzas.  You can find our tastiest pizzas on our Gourmet menu like the California Chicken Pizza topped with broccoli, chicken, red onion, tomato, Martha’s classic tomato sauce. Then there’s the delicious Steak Sizzler topped with steak, mushroom, green peppers, green onion, cheddar, mozzarella, BBQ sauce.  From meat lovers to veggie lovers, there’s a something for everyone. You’ll have to try to understand why Martha’s Pizza 2 has thrived for over 10 years in Halifax without changing our original recipes. 

Truro Location

1 Commercial St, Truro, NS B2N 3H8


Monday – Thurdsday 11am – 10pm
Friday – Saturday 11am – 1am
Sunday – 1pm – 10pm

Delivery All Day

Minimum $10 order required for delivery